The Project Team for the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth and Reconciliation Project

The project team is made of many individuals helping out by using their time, community connections and skills to help make this a successful project for the community. St. Thomas-Elgin Social Services, under the leadership of Jeff Wilson, Operations and Program Coordinator~Children’s Services, jointly with our project contributors from the Indigenous community are working to establish communication and feedback to complete a proposal for submission to the EDU as part of the local JTSTE project

A special acknowledgement to Todd Jamieson, who is providing his time and energy for the JTSTE.

Sarena McLean and the larger team at SNJ Associates’ are completing the capacity portion of the project to help bring people together and also prepare a proposal for the grant application to submit to the Ministry of Education for the St. Thomas-Elgin community.

The project team at JTSTE would like to thank both the Ontario Ministry of Education and the City of St. Thomas for their support.