About the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth and Reconciliation Project

The Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth and Reconciliation Project (JTSTE) is a local project in St. Thomas-Elgin that is funded by the Ministry of Education (EDU). The JTSTE project goal is to develop a local grant application that will enhance access to culturally relevant, Indigenous-led early years programs and services off-reserve, including child care and child and family programs. This JTSTE is a collaborative project, working with people from our community along with program and service delivery organizations to identify immediate and long-term opportunities important to the region.

The voices in the grant must be parents, grandparents and caregivers from our Indigenous community speaking for their families & children

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We are asking and listening about what support, community activities or types of programs and services members of the St. Thomas-Elgin Indigenous community families and children want and need in our community. The JTSTE project team is using various ways to reach out to the community. Right here at our project website, www.journetytogetherstthomaselgin.ca we are engaging and connecting. We hope you’ll tell other people who will also visit, learn about the project, and importantly communicate directly with us.

Additionally, we have a Facebook project page and are also using other social media such as Twitter (@jtste2017) to work collaboratively and effectively in trying to reach all the people from the St. Thomas-Elgin Indigenous community, who would like to help or provide feedback for the JTSTE project.

The Project Team for the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth and Reconciliation Project

The province of Ontario has allocated one-time capacity funding through the EDU to both Consolidated Municipal Services Managers (CMSMs) and District Social Services Administration Boards (DSSABs). The capacity funding is to facilitate meaningful collaboration, discussions, and partnership among Indigenous organizations and individuals, local program & service organizations, and local community members in preparing a local grant application.

St. Thomas-Elgin Social Services, under the leadership of Jeff Wilson, Operations and Program Coordinator~Children’s Services, our project contributors from the Indigenous community are working to establish communication and feedback to complete a proposal for submission to the EDU as part of the local JTSTE project. Based on the project’s collaborative work and input from many different individuals, Jeff Wilson and Sarena McLean of SNJ Associates will complete a proposal submission to the EDU for the St. Thomas-Elgin community.

What is the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth and Reconciliation Grant Focusing On?

  • Bring more of an understanding about the legacy of residential schools to our region
  • Close gaps and remove barriers that our Indigenous community face when looking for or accessing programs and services in St. Thomas-Elgin
  • Supporting Indigenous culture through programs and services such as language from traditional cultures, traditional medicine gardens, youth activities in schools and cultural camps
  • Reconciling relationships with Indigenous Peoples by leading through example and ensuring our community organizations participate in cultural competency and anti-racism training

Goals of the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth and Reconciliation Project

  1. Complete a Community Program and Service Audit
  2. Facilitate a JTSTE Community Project Information Session
  3. Listen to JTSTE Community Feedback
  4. Listen to JTSTE Program and Service Delivery Provider Feedback
  5. Develop and Submit the JTSTE Project grant application to the Ontario Ministry of Education



We Need Our Community in St. Thomas-Elgin to Participate and Inform the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth and Reconciliation Project

We are bringing together people from our Indigenous and non-Indigenous community across St. Thomas-Elgin. This is the most important piece of our project. We need to work diligently to establish, encourage, and enhance the communication and sharing across St. Thomas-Elgin.

The JTSTE project team is listening and can be reached by phone at 519-488-5415 or  Email us at wearelistening@journeytogetherstthomaselgin.ca

We are asking everyone across the St. Thomas-Elgin Region:

Do you have any family, friends or connections contacts who may be interested in helping with the local truth and reconciliation initiative for families and children?

Please Help Us By:

  • Getting the word out about the Journey Together St Thomas-Elgin Project
  • Bringing together our project team with providers of our local programs and services in St. Thomas-Elgin that may be able to help us by sharing how they are connecting with the local Indigenous community.

Other Specific Things You Can Do to Help:

  1. Would you help us share our project information by helping promote our project website? Send the information to 3 people today!
  2. Would you help us share our project information by visiting our Facebook page, Like our page, and tag other people and organizations who may also help?
  3. Do you have a website, Facebook page, or Email distribution list that you could use to help us get the word out about the JTSTE project?
  4. Can you share the details of our project information in the community in any other ways? For example, display our project promotional material at your site or post our information on your website?

Thank you for your help and support, we appreciate everyone’s time and input to the JTSTE project