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We are so glad you found us. First off thank you to all the Indigenous community members across St. Thomas Elgin, who helped us and participated last year during the beginning stages of this work.


So many people were disappointed that the original Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin grant application was not successful. Despite this news, the St. Thomas-Elgin community members, organizations, and leaders remained deeply committed to continuing to work toward truth and reconciliation in St. Thomas Elgin.


As a community, we continued the work and now we are very excited to share with everyone the beginning of a Family Friendship Centre in downtown St. Thomas. What will it look like? We don’t know as we need our Indigenous community members to share their hopes for this new exciting idea.

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Everyone From Across Our Region Is Welcome!

We are bringing the Indigenous and non-Indigenous community together and we welcome everyone to our event on Tues. Sept. 18th, 2018

The Family Friendship Centre’s First Event

Guest Speaker

Max Fineday

Executive Director, Canadian Roots Exchange

Tuesday, Sept. 18th

at the Destination Church, St. Thomas

8:30 am – 12:00 pm

Everyone Welcome

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Special Guest

Shannon Perez

Canadian Ministries’ Justice and Reconciliation Mobilizer

“She provides staff support to the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Committee and fosters leadership among congregations for reconciliation and right relationships with our Indigenous neighbours. Shannon is a member of the community at Indian Family Centre (a CRC ministry with Aboriginal people in Winnipeg), and currently serves as Chair of the IFC Board. Shannon is a member of the Sayisi Dene First Nation, and lives in Winnipeg with her husband and children”. Introducing the Canadian Aboriginal Ministry Commitee

Read More About Shannon’s Work At Do Justice

 Max Fineday

Executive Director 

Max leads Canadian Roots, a national non-profit that works with youth to advance reconciliations.

He also sits as a member of the interim National Council on Reconciliation  

Would You Like to Hear  Max Fineday Now?


All Canadians must now demonstrate the same level of courage and determination, as we commit to an ongoing process of reconciliation. By establishing a new and respectful relationship between theAboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians, we will restore what must be restored, repair what must be repaired, and return what must be returned

Excerpt from ‘What We Have Learned: Principles of Truth and Reconciliation,’ 2015

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Continuing The Journey: Better Together ~ Sharing Our Stories

There is a vision in our community to create an accessible and…

60% of First Nation children on reserve live in poverty....

Children who are Aboriginal represent 7% of all children in Canada.…

What is the Closest Friendship Centre to St. Thomas-Elgin?

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Are You Looking for Programs or Services for Families & Children in St. Thomas-Elgin?

We Can Help! There are also a number of resources for London and Middlesex County

The Continuing Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin project would like to thank the Christian Reformed Church of America for their current financial support in helping establish a Family Friendship Centre in St. Thomas Elgin