Thank You To Everyone Who Participated In The Capacity Building Phase of the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth & Reconciliation Project

We are very disappointed to announce that the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin grant application was not successful and we did not receive funding to move forward. Despite this news, the St. Thomas-Elgin community members, organizations, and leaders are deeply committed to continuing to work toward truth and reconciliation. As a community, we will continue creating culturally sensitive Indigenous events, programs, and educational opportunities.

Community members and organizations who have any further questions regarding the Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin project may contact Jeff Wilson (select our Contact information button for how you may connect with Jeff)

Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin Truth & Reconciliation Project Culture Days, Friday September 29th, 2017

Aboriginal Arts and Culture Presentation ~ Todd Jamieson

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 Friday, Sept. 29th

9:30 am – 11:00 am & 1:30 pm -3:00 pm


The presentation will take place twice in the community. First at 9:30 am at the  St. Thomas Public Library and a second class in the afternoon at the  Southwold Township, Shedden library starting at 1:30 pm

Friday, September 29th is a day-off school for our community! Come on out and join us. 

The Aboriginal Art and Culture activity during Culture Days is a presentation about Woodlands Frist Nations history and art for children, ideally, 7-12 years old. The children create their own Woodlands style piece of art based on their personal Birth Totem. The children will take home their art and have a fun time participating in this activity.

Space is limited

Everyone Welcome

JTSTE Project Team

Our team is the St. Thomas-Elgin Community

Community Feedback Form

We connected and listened to what people from the Indigenous community in St. Thomas-Elgin wanted to share with us. We have completed the grant application to the Ontario Ministry of Education for funding to continue this important project. We are not sure when the project announcements will come but we will post as soon as we know!!!!!!

In August we had our Second Thank-You Draw 


Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin

All Canadians must now demonstrate the same level of courage and determination, as we commit to an ongoing process of reconciliation. By establishing a new and respectful relationship between theAboriginal and non-Aboriginal Canadians, we will restore what must be restored, repair what must be repaired, and return what must be returned

Excerpt from ‘What We Have Learned: Principles of Truth and Reconciliation,’ 2015

Thank You to Everyone Who Supported Us & Came Out For Our Community Project Information Sessions

In April 2017 we hosted JTSTE Project ‘Meet and Greet’ Events in both Aylmer and St. Thomas.   Community feedback is important and we would like you to join us!

Community feedback is important and if you missed the first couple. we would like you to join us for the next event!

 Community feedback is important and we appreciate everyone who came out to join us!

Thank you to the St. Thomas Public Library for their partnership and support

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How many days did it take to connect and grow this project into a grant application?

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The Journey Together St. Thomas-Elgin project team would like to thank the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Corporation City of St. Thomas for their support.